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Overview of Roof Truss Designs

January 28, 2021

People often forget that roof trusses can be decorative as much as they are functional. Roof truss designs are an important factor to consider when designing the look of your home. A roof truss design that does not match the aesthetic of the rest of your house will be jarring, and so it is important to make sure your interior is cohesive and unified.


There are many different roof truss designs to choose from. In today’s blog, we will be going over the most popular few:


1. King Truss

The king truss design is the most common and classic design. Its shape is in a large triangle formed from a tie beam at the base. Two sloping rafters form the sides of the triangle. You can add additional rafters supporting the centre of the rafters. They are known for their strength, and as such as the most commonly used in all types of houses.


2. Queen Truss

Very similar in design to the king truss, the queen truss has two symmetrical posts under its rafters that bear the majority of the weight. You can add accessories such as collars or braces as well, though homeowners often like their trusses plain to emphasize the rustic feel.


3. Raised Collar

This truss design consists of a smaller tie beam situated further up the rafters. It takes up a lot less space and as such is best suited for houses with low roofs. They can be commonly seen in farmhouses or cottages, or homes that have a generally more traditional and rustic look.


4. Arched Trusses

Arches can be added underneath your trusses and as such can be used in entryways and other places where an arched design can emphasize the overall look. Most types of trusses can feature curved beams beneath the tie beams, thus forming an arch. This look can be achieved without lowering the height of your truss.


There are many other varieties of roof truss designs available. Get in touch with the experts at Tamarack Lumber today to learn about your options!