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Picture Rail Mouldings in Oakville: Are They Still in Vogue?

June 07, 2021

There are many styles available for mouldings in Oakville. However, picture rail mouldings have become a traditional favourite for many years. They are referred to as picture mouldings because because they can carry picture frames and artworks without using nails or drills, making them a staple in many arts and crafts shops and homes for the more artistically-inclined.


Here are some of the benefits of picture mouldings in Oakville:


No Drill Artwork Installations

Many homes in Oakville still use picture rail mouldings because they won't need to drill holes in walls for their picture frames and artworks. That's a huge saving on time and resources because a simple picture rail moulding hook can carry many frames effectively. Furthermore, this helps minimise the damage involved with hammering nails or drilling walls.


Easy Wall Art Repositioning

Homeowners may often want to change their wall art and picture frame’s positions over time. However, without picture mouldings, you will have to re-drill new holes and find ways to patch up the old ones. With picture mouldings, repositioning and redecorating becomes a very low-effort endeavour.


A Stylish Bohemian Approach

Picture rail mouldings became popular during the advent of modernist design sensibilities, making it a staple for modernist-style interior design. This style of moulding was also particularly popular during the Art Deco period of the Roaring 20s, bringing a good touch of nostalgia to any interior. Until today, this style of moulding is still  very much in vogue.


Aesthetically-Pleasing Colour Division

Nowadays, many homes utilize multiple-colored walls. To accent this division, designers can use pictures or artworks to highlight it. There is also the option of using lowered picture rail mouldings to mark this accent. The mouldings can be any colour you like, though a white line marking a colour divisions is probably the most effective choice design-wise.


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