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Popular Types Of Roof Trusses

October 10, 2023

Roof trusses, simply put, are engineered structures that provide support to the roof of a building. They consist of interconnected wooden or steel members that form a triangular framework. This design offers exceptional strength and stability to bear the weight of the roof and any additional loads such as snow or wind.

These trusses serve several purposes beyond structural integrity. They allow for open and spacious interior layouts by eliminating the need for load-bearing walls in traditional construction methods. Additionally, they enable architects and builders to create unique designs by incorporating different types of trusses into their projects. Here are the various types.

What are some of the major types of roof trusses?

1. King Post Truss:

This classic design features a central vertical post, known as the king post, which supports the weight of the roof. The king post is connected to two angled rafters that slope down from either side, creating a triangular shape. One of the main advantages of using a King Post Truss is its simplicity and efficiency in distributing weight evenly across the structure. This makes it an ideal choice for smaller roofs or structures with limited space.

2. Queen Post Truss:

The Queen Post Truss is another popular type of roof truss design. It gets its name from the two vertical posts, known as queen posts, that support the horizontal beam in the center. This design provides excellent stability and allows for a larger span between supports. Queen Post truss offers versatility. These roof trusses can be used for both small and large roofs, making them suitable for a wide range of architectural styles and building sizes.

3. Scissor Truss:

This unique design features a series of diagonal members that cross each other, creating a shape resembling an open pair of scissors. The beauty of the scissor truss lies in its ability to create vaulted ceilings and open spaces below without the need for additional support beams or columns. The diagonal members provide excellent structural integrity, making it ideal for large spans and heavy loads.

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