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Roof Shapes Suitable For Truss Designs

November 24, 2021

Trusses are used for the construction of bridges, antenna towers, and cranes. Their durability and strength make them the ideal choice for construction. Trusses are most commonly used for building roofs. They can bear significant loads while using minimum material due to their shape. Assembly and transportation of trusses are much easier than conventional roofs making it the go-to choice for many engineers. Roof truss designs are widely used for the construction of strong roofs.

Roof shapes that are most compatible with trusses:

There are several roof shapes that engineers go with depending on the size and nature of the building. In this blog, we look at some roof shapes that are most suitable for using trusses.

Gable roof

A Gable roof is one of the most common shapes compatible with roof truss designs. The pitch or the slant of the gable roof depends on factors like the weather of the region. A Gable roof is used widely due to its capacity to withstand heavy rains and strong winds.

Flat roof

Using roof truss designs is highly recommended for flat roofs. With the help of trusses, you can spread the load with uniformity. In addition, a flat roof made using trusses will ensure a more robust roof that can sustain for a longer period.

Pyramid Roof

As opposed to two slopes in gable roofs, pyramid roofs have four pitches that meet at the peak. This type of roof is ideal for roof truss designs. Trusses will offer excellent stability and rigidity to your pyramid roof.

Advantages of using lumber for roof truss designs

  • Flexibility: You can use lumber for the construction of diverse roof shapes.
  • Economical: Wood roofs are economical compared to steel trusses.
  • Adds to the aesthetic: Lumber trusses add to the aesthetic of the building. They are pleasing to the eye and suitable for a wide range of construction projects.

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