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Roof Truss Maintenance Considerations

September 24, 2021

A roof truss is an integral part of a home’s structure, playing a significant role in increasing structural integrity and creating aesthetic value for your home. Like any other part of a home, a roof truss has to be carefully maintained as it can suffer from damage over time. Leaving a roof truss ill-maintained can spell disaster for your home as your roof is such an important part of the building’s frame.


In today’s blog, we go over some important considerations about maintaining your roof truss:


1. Stay on top of your roof’s health

The most common problem roof trusses face is deterioration as a result of moisture. In the first place, moisture contamination frequently occurs because of roof failure. This means your roof’s integrity was somehow compromised, leading to leaks. Faulty gutters, flashing, and mortar joints are just some of the components to keep a close eye on.


2. Maintain proper ventilation

In addition to roof failure, another cause of moisture buildup is not having adequate ventilation of roof spaces. This is also a common cause of mould and fungal growth. Ideally, roof spaces should be dry and the air inside crisp. This can be achieved by the installation of vents or ensuring that the layout of your home allows for good airflow.


3. Keep a close eye on bolted connections

Aside from moisture, roof trusses can also experience joint deterioration. If unaddressed, this can become a severe problem and cause your home to become unsafe. Look out for these signs of structural failure and get technicians on the scene immediately if you notice them:

  • Severe bowing
  • Cracks or splits
  • Loose bolts or connections


Both roof and roof truss maintenance should be handled by experts if the problem is severe. Roof repair and maintenance can be dangerous if handled alone. Repair and replacement of roof trusses can be handled by roof truss engineers such as Tamarack Lumber. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.