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Roof Trusses: 4 Big Repair Scenarios to Look Out For

May 07, 2021

Your roof truss will not likely be the most-inspected section of your home. However, roof trusses are still prone to suffering from severe damages and spore infestations if you leave them unattended.


Here are four big situations to look out for in terms of your roof truss’ health and durability:


Wood Rot

Rotting wood occurs after a severe rainstorm leak. If there was some kind of weather incident and your attic flooded, you can safely assume the trusses have suffered severe water damage. Loosening and hollowed out wood can result in the collapsing of your roof, leading to an expensive and potentially life-endangering problem.


Weak Load-Bearing Capacity

Termite damage isn't too apparent until you closely inspect and identify their traces. Plus, lining termite killers across wood isn't enough to kill the hive queen. If you've left termite-infested wood alone for too long, it can start having structural issues that severely impact its load bearing capacity. An immediate replacement is always the best solution in these circumstances.


Truss Design Issues

You might have skipped a crucial roof design requirement due to budget constraints. However, if you don't resolve the truss design issue, it can lead to roofing inadequacies later. Your professional roofer will likely ask you to solve your problem with a fresh roofing truss installation, especially when you have load-bearing imbalances.


Aged beyond Repair

All roof truss requires regular monitoring and inspections. Doing this prevents small problems from evolving into something worse. However, if your roof has aged beyond repair, you can assume its roof truss will replace a full replacement. Fortunately, truss replacements are affordable, thanks to high-quality manufacturers.


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