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Roof Trusses in Ontario You Can Depend On

November 22, 2018

When constructing homes, offices, or any building, structural safety is the number one priority. At Tamarack Lumber, we build our trusses to focus not just on the structural design of the building, but also the materials that we need to avoid putting the safety of the structure at stake. This is why we take pride in manufacturing the most durable roof trusses in Ontario.


When your construction job calls for quality roof trusses, we at Tamarack Lumber custom manufacture roof trusses in Ontario for your specific project!


A roof truss is a part of the roofing structure that is composed of one or several triangular units that are connected with their ends through nodes. It supports the whole roofing system and provides external and internal forces to the wall which gives strength to the whole structure of the building.  


Our company, Tamarack Lumber has been pre-fabricating roof trusses for over 30 years. Through these years, we’ve achieved the highest level of quality with our products. We can customize your roof trusses and mouldings according to your specifications.


All of our products, including roof trusses in Ontario, are offered exclusively to builders and contractors so we typically take on projects that are large-scale in production for different structures in the province. Anything that calls for lumber for your construction project, we’d be happy to supply you with top-quality materials and products.


We supply the Greater Toronto Area with quality timber and have a vast lumber yard that’s complete with a range of construction materials. So if you’re a contractor, contact our company and we’d be happy to talk about what you need from us.


Tamarack Lumber has everything that you need, especially when it comes to roof trusses in Ontario. For more information on our products, feel free to visit and browse our site anytime or give us a call if you want to inquire about anything with regards to our products and services.