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Selecting the Right Mouldings for Your Home

December 06, 2019

Whether it’s flooring, wall colour or paper, or making that old fireplace pop – when it comes to creating great design start with the basics.

Opting for mouldings in Toronto for your windows is yet another way you can add subtle visual intrigue to the rooms of your home. While the selection process may appear daunting, know that the mouldings you select can bring out your personal style and aesthetic – whether it be more classic or modern.


But as a guideline, we’ve come up with a how to on selecting the right mouldings in Toronto for your home.


Classic Home Design


If your home is more classic by design – whether that be Georgian, Federal, of Greek Revival, consider opting for entablature mouldings. Entablature mouldings are composed of crown moulding and frieze board – and can effectively bring out more of a classic authenticity to your home’s interior. If you own a Victorian home, you should consider a custom-made ornate ceiling casing which speaks to the more decorative aesthetic of the time period. If you’re looking to restore the architectural period moulding design, then you might want to seek the help of an expert who is experienced in the restoration of older homes.


Contemporary Design


Contemporary inspired moulding design takes on favourable aspects of multiple streams of architectural home design. If you’re design aesthetic is more contemporary, consider bold lines and shapes that seamlessly blend into the interior of your home. Minute by design, these casings might match the walls or the windows in which they are fixed to – adding a more complete or finished look to the interior of your home.


Minimalist Design


If you’re contemporary design favours more minimalist finishings, opt instead for simple low-profile casing mouldings that can be used in almost every type of home – regardless of décor. Minimalist-inspired mouldings in Toronto are typically overlooked, but can offer a finished feel to a room without you even realizing it.