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Selecting the Right Wood Moulding Style for Your Home

April 09, 2019

Wood mouldings in Toronto are a subtle component omnipresent in contemporary and older homes alike. Wood mouldings are most likely not the first thing that will jump out at you in the first impression of a space – but are there to play both an aesthetic and functional role in your home. In older Victorian homes, wood mouldings were meant to stand out and today, are considered effective markers of time past. Modern homes speak to design trends of today in which cleaner, more minimalistic designs are favoured over the old-school, more classic moulding designs of decades prior. 


Today we’ll focus primarily on how wood mouldings in Toronto can be customized to suit your unique design tastes regardless of the age or style of your home.


Ceiling Mouldings


·         Artistic Crown Mouldings – this design is emblematic of the art-deco style of the 1920s. It is achieved through the layering of wood over the moulding up toward the ceiling in order to dramatize the delineation between the wall and top of the room

·         Cove Mouldings – cove mouldings are subtler and are more classic than artistic crown mouldings. Cove mouldings span the junction of the edge between ceiling and wall, and are defined by a simple layer of wood with minimal edging as opposed to the multi-layering that defines artistic crown mouldings. When painted, cove mouldings blend seamlessly into the ceiling, adding a quiet yet classic intrigue to the delineation between the walls and ceiling of a room


Baseboard Mouldings


·         Shallow-line Baseboards – baseboards in general serve the ultimate purpose of protecting the wall from daily wear and tear. Shallow line baseboards are prevalent in essentially all conventional newly built homes. They are typically painted white, and are set flush against the very base of the wall.

·         Raised Baseboards – the standard height of your typical baseboard is roughly 4 inches tall. Increasing the height of your baseboards to around 6 inches effectively draws intrigue to an otherwise subtle architectural aspect to your home.


Finding Suitable Wood Mouldings in Toronto for your Home


Tamarack Lumber supplies and manufactures a large range of wood mouldings for your home. Available in a number of materials and styles, you can rest assured knowing you will find a solution that meets your unique tastes and design needs of your home. Learn more about our wood mouldings by visiting our Doors & Mouldings page.