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Setting Up for Baseboard Installation

December 27, 2019

 If you’re looking for a way to spice up the interior of your home, mouldings in Oakville are one way to polish up a few of the rooms in your home. Arguably one of the most popular types of mouldings are baseboards - the narrow wooden board that runs along the wall located at the edge of where the wall meets the floor. Baseboards are used to protect the joint between the wall and the floor, but can also be used to add aesthetic intrigue to the room in which it is located in. 

Now that we have more of an understanding as to what baseboards are, we’ll briefly delve into how to prepare for the installation process. 



Choosing the Right Wood Mouldings in Oakville

Look for baseboards that will compliment the room you intend to install them in. There are a variety of baseboards available in a myriad of edge profiles and colours. Tamarack Lumber offers a large range of wood mouldings in Oakville which you can choose from. Select a baseboard style that will seamlessly fit into the overall style of the room. Measure out the dimensions of the room, and purchase baseboards accordingly.



The Materials You’ll Need

Now that you have the baseboards you need to install, you’ll want to ensure you have the necessary materials you’ll need for the installation process. A measuring tape, circular saw, stud finder, hammer and nails or nail gun, and carpenter glue. If you’re ever unsure, consult an experienced contractor before taking on this DIY.



Strip Out the Old Baseboards 

The last preparation tip before going ahead with the installation process is to remove the old baseboards. Be sure to carefully remove the old baseboards by removing any old caulking, and pulling away from the edge of the old baseboard using a pry bar. Be sure to remove any nails, and sand down any residual caulking or old glue that is stuck to the wall.