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Steps Involved in the Making of Roof Trusses

June 03, 2022

Roof trusses have replaced traditional rafters due to their many features. Roof trusses are lighter and have higher durability and load-bearing capacity than their counterparts. They add aesthetics and purpose to a construction project. There are various types of roof trusses like barn truss, attic truss, scissor truss, etc.

Selecting the right kind of roof truss is not an easy job. Many factors need to be checked before settling on the roof trusses that fit your requirements. Trusses are mostly made of timber or structural steel. Let us learn more about the steps involved in their manufacturing.

Steps Involved in the Making of Roof Trusses

Designing is the first and foremost step in the truss manufacturing process. A faulty design could affect the whole structure. Truss design is done after taking many variables like load-bearing, requirements, type of building etc. into consideration. After a detailed evaluation, the engineer comes up with a design that includes the right type of truss and the number of chords and webbing.

The wood or the structural steel is then cut to the required length. This process is called sawing. Sawing creates accurate units needed to build strong roof trusses.
Before bolting the sawed units on the rooftop, they are first arranged on the ground for one final inspection. The chords and the webbing are assembled in the shape of the truss to make sure they match the design.
Once the assembling is done, the units are bolted together with the help of nail plates. The chords and trusses can also be secured with the help of plywood gusset plates.
Once the aforementioned steps are followed in the right order, trusses are lifted and placed onto the top plates of the exterior walls. They are then secured and braced with the help of blocking or long purlins.
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