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Tamarack Lumber – Certified Quality Every Time

May 23, 2019

 Tamarack Lumber strives to achieve a higher level of excellence when it comes to providing and distributing lumber products in Ontario. Since 1973, we have paved the way in providing a wide selection of product covering the span of 35 acres. Our facility is now home to a plant in which we construct engineered roof trusses, a retail shop, and enough lumber product to supply the needs of any construction site regardless of size and scope. 

Tamarack Lumber’s reputation for quality is backed by industry stakeholders.


We have membership under The Ontario Structural Wood Association, The Hamilton Halton Home Builders Association, the Building Industry and Land Development Association, and the Alpha Lumber Group.


The Ontario Structural Wood Association (OSWA)


OSWA works with municipal building departments, design professionals, and related construction stakeholder representatives to exchange information on the benefits of utilizing structural wood products in construction projects across Ontario. OSWA promotes the use of engineered roof trusses in construction, picking up on its utility and popularity spanning back to the 1960s.


The Hamilton Halton Home Builder’s Association (HHHBA)


HHHBA offers a long history of promoting the interests of the construction sector, effectively acting as the voice of the local construction industry for over 70 years. HHHBA promotes the interests of the local industry, including representing all facets attributed to new home development and construction including builders, the trades, renovators and contractors, external suppliers, and new home buyers.


Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD)


BILD represents the interests of the home building and professional renovation industry within the Greater Toronto Area, speaking to the needs of approximately 1,500 member companies – including Tamarack Lumber. BILD cultivates working relationships with government affiliates to collaborate on key policies and issues that affect building development and home ownership. BILD hopes to establish just and effective policies that serve to positively shape the future of communities and cities within the GTA.


Looking to supply your next construction project with quality lumber products?


Look no further than Tamarack Lumber. We are fully capable of meeting your project needs. Whether you require engineered roof trusses, wood mouldings, or high-quality lumber – we have got you covered. Call us today to learn more about our products.