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Tamarack Lumbers' Expertise In Handling Large-Scale Projects

August 03, 2023

The water treatment plant in Newcastle, ON required strong and durable cladding. The authority made the right decision of letting us at Tamarack Lumber Inc. handle the task. We successfully managed to build roof trusses to fulfil our task. Thanks to our experts and efficient workers, seventy-five roof trusses, each spanning about 77 feet were erected quite effortlessly and well in time. While we take pride and rejoice in the success of a project of this size and calibre, we would like to look back at a few elements that made this mammoth task look easy.


What plays into the success of every project we undertake?



No work is done last moment at Tamarack Lumbers Inc. We streamline every activity from big to small. From when we received a go from the respective authorities concerning the construction of the roof truss over the water treatment plant in Newcastle, ON to the completion of the job, every step was calculated beforehand. Planning helps us solve problems even before they could occur.



Each department is filled with experts who are best at what they do. From advisors and planners to engineers and labourers, Tamarack has no dearth of skilled employees. Our experts came up with the best possible solution for the water treatment plant. The construction of the roof truss was finished on time by our team and handed them to the transportation team. Upon reaching the destination safely, another team installed those trusses with precision in order to complete the project.



It is no coincidence that Tamarack Lumber Inc. gets contacted to handle large-scale projects. As a brand, we boast years of experience and a happy client base. These contribute to an experience-backed reputation that is not possessed by many.


Tamarack Lumber Inc. is just one call away to provide the solution to all your problems regarding roof trusses. Contact us today to experience our expertise firsthand.