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The 5 Different Types of Wood Mouldings

February 17, 2021

If you want to add a classic look to your house, then incorporating wood mouldings in Toronto would be a perfect way to achieve it. You can install the mouldings in various parts in your home either to serve a protection function, for decorative purposes, or even both. To help guide you to have an informed decision, here are the different types of wood mouldings you can consider.



These are one of the most commonly used wood mouldings in Toronto homes. Baseboards are installed between the wall and the floor to protect against shoe scuffs and other scratches, as well as improve the look of your flooring. Depending on your preference and room design you can go for wide or narrow baseboard mouldings. 

Crown Mouldings

As the name suggests, this type of wood mouldings in Toronto works as a crown for the space it is added in. These mouldings are usually installed between the ceiling and the wall. They also come in different patterns to match any room style.

Door Trim Mouldings

These mouldings serve more of the decorative purpose by creating a visual appeal for your entryway where people can appreciate your door. They can be added both inside and outside part of your door. They are also available in various designs to transform your door into a great focal element of your home.

Rails Mouldings

Same as baseboards, these wood mouldings are used on the walls but halfway up the wall, rather than the bottom, for decorative purposes. They allow you to use various paint or wallpaper designs in areas above and below the mouldings. Rail mouldings can also protect the wall surface from furniture scratches nearby.

Bead Mouldings

These bead mouldings are commonly utilized for decorative applications, for small projects like creating wonderful photo frame effects, as well as improving the looks of your furniture. They are a perfect addition to give more details to your furniture, giving them a classy look. 

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