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The Aesthetic and Protective Benefits of Mouldings and Trims

February 10, 2020

Trims and mouldings in Oakville are not just decorative elements but they also protect your home’s interior. From covering gaps to protecting your walls from dents, every part of your home will surely benefit from the different types of trims and mouldings.

Here are some reasons why mouldings are worth the investment:


Cover gaps and edges

Casings can conceal those awkward spaces between the walls and doors of your home.  They usually measure 2-3 inches in width and are available in many designs that you can choose from. 

Baseboards, on the other hand, cover uneven floor edges and protect the bottom edge of the wall from moisture. They are often simple in design with minimal details such as a semi-circular trim.


Protect walls

Ornate chair rail mouldings are perfect for high traffic areas such as the dining area and living room to protect walls from scuff marks and dents. To function, they are installed horizontally around the room and act as a stopper.

Baseboard mouldings in Oakville can also protect walls against vacuum cleaner bumps and scratches.


Decorate walls and ceilings

Crowns are meant for decorative purposes. They are beautiful design elements between walls and the ceilings. If you want to spruce up your cabinet, crowns can add interest. The right crowning moulding can even transform a boring entryway into an eye-catching focal point.

If you want a less ornate version of a crown moulding, then choose a cove moulding. Cove mouldings are concave-shaped and plain and can be used to neatly join walls and ceilings. They can also be used between the risers and treads of the stairs.

Indeed, if you want to add style and protection to your interiors, you’ll never go wrong with mouldings.


High-Quality Mouldings in Oakville

Tamarack Lumber offers a wide selection of mouldings such as crowns, chair rails, casings, and baseboards, among others. These mouldings are made from different materials such as hardwood, joint pine, and MDF offering unique benefits for your application.