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The Benefits of Opting for Roof Trusses

April 05, 2019

 Roof trusses have evolved since the time simple rafters and joists were ubiquitous in roof construction. Today, we use an engineered wood structure known as a roof truss to effectively hold up the roof of a building. They are designed with project specifications in mind, but typically follow a triangular design composed of rafters, posts, and struts. Trusses are more reliable than conventional roof framing options as they address the shortcomings of rafters in overall strength, durability, and safety.


Today we’ll briefly discuss the benefits of opting for roof trusses in the design of roof construction.


Flexibility in Design

·         A primary benefit of opting for a roof truss construction is in their flexibility.

·         Builders appreciate the higher level of flexibility roof truss design offers, accommodating the needs of the building project at hand.

·         Trusses can be configured in a number of ways to accommodate the specifications of any given project – making the most complex roof design possible (i.e. cathedral-style ceilings, or ceilings that feature unique angles)


Speedy Construction

·         Compared to more traditional roof construction techniques, trusses are engineered and manufactured off-site

·         Once complete, they are delivered onsite to be properly installed

·         Speedy construction of the roof truss can set the entire project on track for quick completion  


Lower Construction Costs

·         Constructing trusses are less labor-intensive than conventional rafters

·         Trusses are composed of smaller, less-expensive wood components that still offer exceptional durability and strength. This prevents having to rely on interior load bearing walls allowing for open concept floor plans


Opting for a Reputable Roof Truss Manufacturer in Toronto


Tamarack Lumber crafts quality-made roof trusses for residential, commercial, and farm markets. With over 30 years of experience, we are fully capable of providing you with a truss design that is to your exact project specifications. Our designs are manufactured with modern equipment which translates to quick turnaround times for our clients. Tamarack is your go-to supplier for trusses in Ontario!