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The Essential Guide to Mouldings

November 06, 2019

Mouldings can come in different styles, depending on your preferences. These embellishments can be found in many different parts of a home or building, and can be made with a good variety of building materials such as stone, wood, plaster, and more. Many houses incorporate mouldings in Toronto to enhance the interior of their homes, whether the overall style of their homes are more traditional or modern.


When deciding on what design or style to go for, the initial step should be to match your moulding design with either the interior or exterior of your house. You can be as creative and stylish as you want, but keep in mind that cohesion in design is absolutely mandatory to retaining visual harmony.


Many homeowners who get mouldings in Toronto do not seem to realize that they can play around with the placement of these accents. Mouldings can be placed anywhere on the wall depending on the space you have to work with. Here are some ideas for where they can be placed:


·         Just below the ceiling

·         On fireplace mantels

·         To highlight built-in furniture pieces

·         Around windows, doors, or entryways

In addition to getting mouldings for the interior of your house, you can also have them on the exterior.


Less stylized, more functional mouldings are typically used on the exterior walls to allow accumulated water from the roof to travel down the drain. Indeed, having good mouldings for your roof is absolutely crucial.


Some molding designs are better at allowing water to pass through the gutter, but if you want to get creative you can always discuss your design options with the experts at Tamarack Lumber. We have been working with mouldings in Toronto for decades, and know exactly how to bring the right blend of style and reliability to your home. Make sure to choose a design that fits your preferences, and leave the quality assurance to us!