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The Importance of Engineered Roof Trusses in Architecture

March 15, 2021

 When being contracted to construct buildings like a home, a strong foundation and sound structural elements are very important to ensure that the integrity of the structure is not compromised. It is also crucial that heavy loads are well supported to ensure that the roof and floors of the building are properly supported. Usually, a timber frame is utilized to create the series of supports called the roof truss. It is often the structural part of a building that takes most of the weight from certain pressure points. These engineered roof trusses make the two ends of a roof meet together while creating strong support for the rafters of a roof.  

Roof trusses were developed during the medieval era when their abilities were discovered through a series of triangles that offer the required support for the roof.

This roofing is specially designed to evenly distribute weight, and that makes engineered roof trusses one of the most important elements when it comes to timber construction.

In addition, roof trusses further come in different designs that are used to make the specific type of roof warrants by the design of the building. Among the various truss designs, the two most common types found in many modern houses are the queen and king roof trusses.

When it comes to materials, there are also two most important options in making roof trusses. These are steel and timber. Though steel is mostly used in most engineered roof trusses in the country, timber trusses are also commonly used for many reasons. One is that they cost much less than steel but yet, they still offer sufficient support for the roof for the majority of residential constructions. Moreover, timber can also be added with a more protective layer that makes the truss highly resistant to corrosion and heat. This then makes them even more durable, sturdy, and last much longer.  

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