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The Latest Colour Trends for Mouldings

May 31, 2019

Mouldings are the perfect way to add to a home’s interior design. It can instantly add class and elaborateness, giving your home design a more European feel. The range of options that mouldings come in give homeowners the flexibility to tweak designs endlessly. Tamarack Lumber provides high-quality customizable mouldings in Toronto that can beautify your home.


Colour is one of the many ways you can customize your mouldings to reflect your dream home design.


Here are some popular trends on colours for mouldings:


1. Paint it white to make a room look chic and fresh

White trim offers a simple yet luxurious look, making your room seem more serene and feel airier. It can help highlight both colourful and neutral walls, serving as a great contrast. While moulding designs themselves are timeless, painting it white can give it a more a contemporary feel.


2. Choose neutral colours to create a sophisticated feel

Mouldings in neutral shades instantly give off a polished effect and are great if you want to balance traditional and modern elements in your home. Neutral colours are a good option if you are turned off by the starkness of white mouldings.


3. Opt for bold colours to liven up your space

Bold trims can perfectly complement an eclectic space or create contrast in a more laidback space. Painting your mouldings with pink, lemon, or blue adds a fun element with drama and pizazz for a more adventurous, rambunctious homeowner.

4. Choose black for a more dramatic look


Black is known for its timeless appeal and creates a classic vibe instantly, especially when paired with pale floors and walls. It can add vibrancy to interiors that have a mostly neutral palette. If you have a balcony, black mouldings surrounding the balcony entrance will frame those beautiful views perfectly.


Tamarack Lumber has been providing high-quality wood mouldings in Toronto for decades – we have seen trends come and go throughout the years and know just how to adapt to those changes. We also supply other hardware such as wood sidings, columns, and doors in addition to wood mouldings in Toronto and across the GTA.