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The Purpose and Necessity of Roof Trusses

January 17, 2020

Roofs protect everything and everyone inside a house. Since roof trusses are what provide stability to roofs, it only makes sense to choose the best materials and roof truss designs. Typically, wood is the most widely used material for this in both residential and commercial applications.

Today, let’s talk about what roof trusses are and what exactly they do for your home.


Wood trusses are meant to be an effective framing system that works well with other materials like steel and concrete. Trusses are normally made of wood because it is a more versatile material that allows for different designs and more convenience in manufacturing and installing.


Indeed, wood trusses can be produced in a short period of time without the help of heavy construction equipment. In addition, wooden trusses do not generate a lot of waste, and so working with this material helps generate more productivity in a facility.


Of all the types of wood, timber is a popular choice for roof trusses. It offers excellent load-bearing benefits no matter length and width of the roof. Not only that, wood is also beneficial to the aesthetics of roof truss designs. The natural appearance of wood creates an instant rustic look. While roof trusses are sometimes hidden, they can also be exposed and used as part of the interior architecture of a space. They can be rough-sawn, brushed, or scalloped.


On top of that, wood offers excellent thermal properties compared to steel. It is also a more environmentally-friendly material to work with. Overall, the fabrication of timber trusses consumes much less energy than that of steel trusses.


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