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The Purpose of Wood Mouldings

December 20, 2019

If you’re a homeowner, thinking about wood mouldings in Toronto is probably one of the last things that cross your mind. The busyness of our daily schedules often demand more focus on routine items, such as figuring out what to prepare for dinner, or what time to pick up the kids from school.

Rarely is it the case that we sit down to think about the smaller details of our home’s interior, like what type of wood moulding in Toronto is used throughout our homes.  


It isn’t until you find yourself conducting major home renovations, or even just trying to freshen things up, that you might take the time to assess what kind of wood mouldings would be appropriate for your home. But what are wood mouldings? And what purpose do they serve?


In today’s blog we’ll bring it back to basics by answering a couple wood moulding questions.

What are wood mouldings?


Wood mouldings, also referred to as “trim”, are typically found in the interior of your home. Wood mouldings can be anything from the trim that lines the frames of your windows, or doors, to even the more decorative wooden protrusions from walls, ceiling, or surrounding large room  fixtures like fireplaces. There are a large range of wood mouldings available and are classified based on use, and style of decor. 


What is the purpose of wood mouldings?


Wood mouldings in Toronto serve two primary purposes: functional and decorative. 

Wood mouldings are functional in their ability to protect the floor, wall, window or door frame from damage due to wear and tear over time. One example of the functional use of wood mouldings are baseboards, which are used to protect the edge connecting the floor to the wall of the room from damage. 

Wood mouldings are decorative in their ability to add subtle aesthetic intrigue to the room in which it is found. An example of the more decorative use of wood mouldings is crown moulding, which is used to cap the edge between the wall and the ceiling - contributing an understated classic appeal to a room.