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Things to Consider Before Choosing a Moulding Design

January 15, 2020

Mouldings are a great way to add to the aesthetic and value of your home without breaking the bank. These design elements are small enough that they are relatively easy to install, while also having the potential to be ornate and highly decorative.


Before you finalize the design with a manufacturer of mouldings in Toronto, you need to consider a few key elements first. Professional and experienced manufacturers like Tamarack Lumber can walk you through these decisions.


1. Aligning your design with your overall aesthetic

Make sure the design you choose reflects the style of the rest of your home. If your home’s design is more modern, you should opt for plain and simple trims in monochromatic colours. On the other hand, a Victorian or Georgian house would need more detailed mouldings. If you want to a bit more detail to a minimalist space, a cove moulding is a great alternative to a crown moulding.


2. The right moulding width

As long time manufacturers of mouldings in Toronto, we at Tamarack Lumber are highly precise with our craftsmanship. This is important because mouldings need to be the exact right size. We will take measurements of your space, and by determining the height of your room, we can decide how wide your moulding needs to be.


3. Protection from water

Water and moisture are the enemies of wood. Your mouldings will need to be primed and coated property to protect them from decay. Priming ensures better adhesion and provides additional protection to the wood, while coating it with quick-drying latex paint prevents it from rotting. Lastly, a waterproof sealer should be applied multiple times to create a waterproof layer on the moulding.


Tamarack Lumber offers a wide selection of moulding types, designs, and sizes that are sure to spruce up your home. Our mouldings in Toronto are made of different materials and are of the highest possible quality to ensure all your projects are built to perfection.