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Tips For Safe Transportation & Storage of Roof Truss

July 28, 2022

A roof truss is a popular go-to choice in home construction projects for many reasons. It is cheap, durable and provides multiple applications. A timber roof truss is lightweight compared to rafters or steel trusses and is easy to assemble. The contractor works closely with the truss fabricator to minimize complications and ensure easy installation. 

Wooden trusses need to be handled carefully to avoid causing any damage to them. They are subjected to all sorts of damage during transportation and storage. Learn a few basic tips for safe transportation and storage of wooden roof trusses in this blog.

Tips For Safe Transportation & Storage of Roof Trusses


A roof truss or trusses can be transported either horizontally or vertically. However, it is significant to have the necessary support in place depending on the orientation. 
Roof trusses are manufactured as per the requirements of each specific project, so any damage to them might affect the whole project. They must be properly fastened during transportation to avoid any sort of damage. Trusses are commonly fastened with tie-down straps and bracings. However, you must be careful not to fasten the trusses too much as it could affect the shape of the roof truss.
On-site inspection:
Once the roof trusses reach the designated location, they must be inspected thoroughly. Inspection must be done by the truss fabricator and any damage must be reported immediately.
Roof trusses must be stored only on a flat surface with proper spacing between them. They must be kept away from direct heat and dampness. A plastic tarpaulin sheet is an ideal option to protect your roof truss from rain and direct sunlight. 
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