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Top Four Modern Roof Truss Styles

November 06, 2023

A roof truss is a framework of beams that provides support and stability to the roof structure of a building. It consists of triangular shapes formed by connecting multiple beams at specific angles. This design allows for maximum strength and load-bearing capacity, ensuring that

your roof remains sturdy and secure. While its primary function is to provide structural support and stability to the roof, it also contributes significantly to the overall visual appeal. One of the key ways in which roof trusses enhance aesthetics is through their unique shapes and designs, which we will be discussing here.

Modern Roof Truss Styles

1. Attic:

Attic trusses are a popular and practical choice for many homeowners. Despite being a vintage design, the attic style is quite popular in modern-day designs. They provide the perfect solution for those looking to maximize their living space without compromising on aesthetics. With a traditional triangular shape, these trusses create a spacious area in the center of your roof, which can be converted into an attic or additional storage space.

2. Raised Tie:

The Raised Tie roof truss style brings functionality and visual appeal to modern homes. With its distinctive design, it offers a unique aesthetic element that sets it apart from other styles. The raised bottom chord creates additional headroom in the attic space, making it more suitable for storage or even as an additional living area. The added height also allows for better ventilation and natural light within the attic.

3. Modified Scissors:

One of the most visually striking modern roof truss styles is the Modified Scissor. This unique design combines elements of both traditional scissor trusses and raised tie trusses, resulting in a truly eye-catching aesthetic. The Modified Scissor truss features sloping bottom chords that meet at an elevated peak, creating a dramatic, soaring effect.

4. Bobtail Attic:

The Bobtail Attic features an open space in the center, similar to an attic truss, which allows for extra storage or living space. However, instead of a standard triangular shape like other attic trusses, this design incorporates a modified scissor-truss system with raised ties that extend beyond the top chord. The extended raised ties also add architectural interest by creating dramatic lines and angles on the exterior of the building.

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