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Types of Interior Mouldings

April 30, 2021

Mouldings are a common element of interior design which date back to ancient Greece. Interior mouldings in Oakville are a popular choice to transform a plain room or a blank space into a rich and more visually appealing one. Mouldings can help establish a specific theme and bring your home to life. There are different types of mouldings available, each serving a different purpose, but irrespective of that, they add value to one’s home. Let’s learn more about the various options available for interior mouldings in Oakville. 


Here is a list of the different types of interior mouldings available in Oakville:



As the name suggests, baseboards are a type of moulding that covers the space between the wall and the floor. While they are simple and chic, they can certainly enhance the look of the room. They come in different sizes and widths, from just three inches to five inches or more to make a bolder statement.  


Casings serve the function of protecting the wall while providing a decorative element to the entrance or an exit of a room. They are utilized to fill the gap between the windows and the wall, and the doors and the wall while adding to the aesthetics of the frame. They also come in different sizes and widths. 

Crown Mouldings

Among the different types of mouldings, this is perhaps the most common decorative element found in homes. These mouldings are installed along the borders of the wall that are adjacent to the ceiling. They vary in sizes and styles. 

Chair Rail Border

These types of mouldings in Oakville add to the architectural element of a room. However, they not only provide a touch of elegance to your home but more importantly, they protect the walls from furniture. They are very common in dining areas and can be made up of simple to decorative and ornate designs. 

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