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What Are the Rules of Designing Mouldings in Oakville?

July 05, 2021

Mouldings in Oakville have been around for the longest time to enhance interior beauty. Interior designers love them not just because they are an amazing decor element but also because they add greater value to a home. They have been very popular for the longest time, and continue to see use in more modern homes because of their timeless appeal and elegance. Mouldings allow you to also transform your ceiling into a beautiful space with different sophisticated designs. They are also available in different profile, giving you an endless choice of designs. Among them, crown mouldings are the most common design that can fully transform a room.


So what are the design principles when it comes to mouldings in Oakville?


There are plenty of ways to attain the best-looking crown mouldings in Oakville. For instance, you can have intricate cornices for a built-up style using a good combination of different moulding pieces. However, you need to keep in mind that a room can look poorly mixed up if too many moulding are combined into one. In this regard, to help you get the most out of mouldings without sacrificing the final result, there are two tried and proven rules for designing mouldings:


One is the golden ratio rule which simply means the parts must all complement the final overall look. This critical rule refers to the proportionality of design. If you want to bring different moulding ideas together, you need to make sure that they are all related in terms of proportion and style. The second rule is that the mouldings, like any design element, should enhance rather than overpower. Design elements are highly effective at communicating a theme or message—putting highly intricate, floral mouldings in a modern and minimalistic space, for instance, creates a clash of messages. Make you’re your mouldings play a purposeful role in the overall design of your room.


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