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What Makes Lumber Different From Timber or Wood?

March 22, 2021

 If you are wondering what makes the lumber in Mississauga different from timber or wood, then you’re not the only one. Many contractors and builders use these terms interchangeably, but in reality they refer to different things. Lumber is a collective word that is called for harvested wood, regardless of whether it is cut into heavy timbers or logs. It refers to the members used in light-frame construction or to the products that are derived from logs processed in sawmills. 

Lumber in Mississauga is often classified either as softwood or hardwood.

The conversion of wood from logs to sawed lumber usually entails debarking, sawing the pieces into slabs or boards, and resawing them into thinner boards in various sizes. Other processes involve edging, crosscutting to make the ends into a square, removing defects, grading depending on required look and strength, and finally drying the lumber either in kilns or in ambient air. 

In terms of drying, lumber in Mississauga is often processed just below their saturation points to make them stronger, stiffer,  have a higher density, and are better prepared for further finishing. In order to protect the finished product from decay and deterioration, preservatives are applied on the surface and then stained, if required. These wood products can also be coloured into almost any shade you want to match the theme of the place or room you will use it for.  

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