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Why Engineered Roof Trusses Are More Reliable

February 24, 2020

Engineered roof trusses are not easy to construct and will take a skilled and experienced master carpenter to make durable and structurally adaptable roof trusses that can fit within a roofing system.

Today, most roof trusses are created with the help of a software design and

are now more convenient to use for residential homes, commercial complexes,

apartment buildings, and farmhouses.


Details in Every Part


Engineered roof trusses go through a specialized software that is normally used by engineers, architects, and home developers to create layouts, designs, and price estimates for the materials and manpower costs. Building engineers also collaborate with the mechanical, structural and electrical engineers whenever necessary to ensure that the roof trusses will go along with the design of the building. 


Considerations When Building Our Trusses


Here at Tamarack Lumber, we have software that helps us design roof trusses with the utmost efficiency. Our engineers will input significant information about your project beginning with the layout along with any customizations, and then ensure that it will pass an accurate stress test. They also consider the weather conditions of the area where the roof trusses will be installed so they will spend a significant amount of time calculating various factors before construction.

Engineered roof trusses are more economical to build because everything is planned before they are built. The software used will calculate everything to ensure that no wood materials are wasted and every piece of the truss will be in its right place for total support. They are also quicker to manufacture and once every piece has been cut, all it takes is the assembly work. 

We can create all types of roof trusses, thanks to our engineers and craftsmen that have years of experience.


Call us if you need to customize your roof trusses or visit us to see how we can help you with your next project.