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Why is it Important to Choose the Right Roof Truss Design?

April 26, 2021

When building a new home, one is likely to go over several roof truss designs with their architect and engineer. While it’s good to trust the recommendations by these professionals, given their experience in the field, it’s also important to understand the logic behind their recommendations. Here are five reasons why choosing the right roof truss design is important.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Roof Truss Design

Determines Roof Shape

Your roof truss is a support system meant to handle a huge spread and concentration of roofing material weight. High-quality roof trusses with top-tier strength-to-density ratios are useful, especially if you use dense roofing materials, such as slate or clay tiles. The shape of a roof is determined by its roof truss design as it follows the truss' framework.

Windstorm Defense

Roof truss design choices should rely on practicality rather than just curb appeal. Top-notch truss designs have saved thousands of homes all over the world against windstorms. The correct truss design and roofing material combination guarantee the best windstorm defense possible.

Hailstorm Reliability

Flat roofs with low slopes have cushioning and roof material as their hailstorm defense. Traditional properties with high slopes use a combination of high-quality roofing materials and correct slope angles to minimize the effect of hailstones to reduce damages. Also, roof truss design strength helps keep the roof materials propped up properly.

Material Density

Low-density but high-strength wood roof trusses are crucial for supporting roofing materials. To reduce density, architects and engineers combine design and technical knowledge to reduce the need for heavy-duty roofing materials. While dense roof trusses are abundantly available, they can be expensive for some homeowners.

Repair Difficulty

Lastly, your roof truss design determines the roof repair challenges your future roofers might face during maintenance and repairs. Some roofing teams charge higher prices for complex roof designs because these require the use of additional equipment to prevent damage to your roofing materials.

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