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Why Roof Trusses Are Important For Building Homes

January 20, 2022


When building your dream home, you pay attention to every detail to ensure things turn out exactly as you planned. From hiring the best architects for designing your abode to buying only the best raw materials to guarantee strength and long life to the building, you leave no room for error. 


A roof is one of the most important aspects of a home. Its design directly affects the decor of your home because of which it is imperative to plan its construction with utmost care. Roof rafters and roof trusses are the two most popular choices when it comes to roof building. However, due to the better load-bearing capability, a roof truss is often considered by engineers to be better than roof rafters.



The unique shape of a roof truss enables it to span longer distances and support heavy roofing materials with ease.



Structural steel and timber are two common materials used for the construction of trusses. Skilled and experienced manufacturers can build trusses as per your requirements at their facility. These engineered trusses can then be transported and directly assembled with ease helping you save time and labour costs.  


Engineered trusses are made with precision while following the architect's and engineer's plan to the T. This ensures that you will have no difficulty getting them installed as the measurements will be accurate. Apart from being strong and durable, trusses are also aesthetically pleasing. Many choose to go for an exposed truss ceiling that improves the look of their home.


The various types of trusses like queen post, king post, raised tie, arched, and Tasman are visually-appealing. You can select any one of the aforementioned designs or another that goes best with the decor and aesthetics of your home. Timber is preferred over steel for building roof trusses by many because of the fact that the environmental impact of using wood is much lesser. 

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