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Why Roof Trusses Are So Popular with Homeowners and Builders Alike

April 30, 2020

Both homeowners and builders alike are well aware of the benefits of engineered roof trusses. These are structures that are made to support heavy loads, most easily recognized by the straight pieces of cut-up lumber fitted together to form triangle shapes. These timber pieces are made to be placed under compression and tension without bending. Their efficiency is such that they promote an economic use of construction materials. Since they are made of individual lightweight materials, engineered roof trusses are easier to assemble and transport compared to other roof structures such as rafters.


The height of a roof truss is often higher than that of similar structures with solid beams. This is ideal for roofs because they have to be lower at the eaves while higher at the ridge to promote better drainage capabilities and water tightness.


Here are the other great benefits roof trusses offer both builders and homeowners:


      A roof truss goes up quickly.

      Despite being lightweight, trusses are very strong.

      They are much less costly to manufacture as they can be built from shorter lengths of lumber than other roof structures.

      Using a truss allows a large span of distance and it transfers the weight it carries to the exterior walls. This means you can have interior walls which are not load-bearing and that can be easily modified for future renovations.

      Lastly, you can customize the shape of your roof truss to suit the style of your house.  


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