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Why the Housing Market in Ontario Is Reliant on Wooden Roof Trusses

October 30, 2019

The stability and support required throughout your house is afforded by triangulated wood structures known as a roof truss. This isn’t exactly a feature that can be skimped out on and, as you might imagine…


…homeowners throughout Ontario are indebted to the roof truss in residential construction projects.


Wooden roof trusses, in particular, dominate the market in Ontario, thanks in large part to their low maintenance costs and high thermal performance, which comes in handy for the harsh winters.


But it doesn’t end there, here are some more insights into why the prevalence of wooden roof trusses isn’t expected to die out anytime soon:


1.    Sturdy yet Versatile

When it comes to the options at your disposal, nothing tops what a wooden truss has to offer to meet your aesthetic choices. Paint it, stain it, and/or oil it, there are an amalgam of modifications you can make to suit the theme you’re going for. That’s not all, the manufacture of wooden trusses themselves can be customized to meet the architectural demands of any project, for example, our in-house team work alongside designers and builders to ensure compliance to the needs of the project.


2.    Unwavering in Stability, but Not on Price

For many of us, costs can be the determining factor to cross the line from ‘undecided’ to a ‘yes’. Lumber, more so when compared to steel, comes at a more cost-effective price point for construction projects. To cut costs further, many in Ontario opt to go for a prefabricated wooden roof truss as associated labour costs are minimized.


3.   Good for You and the Planet

Eco-friendly solutions are, for good reason, the zeitgeist of the modern dynamic. When comparing lumber to other building materials, not only is there a significant reduction in the energy needed to process it but it is the perfect encapsulation of sustainable development.


The reasons we’ve touched upon should help set the scene as to why people across Ontario are settling on wooden roof trusses for their home construction projects.


We’re familiar with this because we at Tamarack lumber have been in the roof truss business for over 30 years. Whether it’s estimating, designing, and/or manufacturing a roof truss, we’ve done it all and are proud to have played a role in countless residential and commercial projects from start to finish. Put our expertise to work for you and reach out to us for your next project!